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The theoretical idea of 'Wabi-Sabi' contains the meaning of 'Beauty of imperfection'. It is based on the Japanese aesthetic philosophy where beauty is revealed within the circulation of its cycle. Within its materiality, its interactions are engraved deep within its surfaces to evoke its past experiences through the passing of time. From this theoretical idea of Wabi-Sabi, I positioned myself to approach and control the materiality of the site, revealing the ideas of Wabi-Sabi throughout Fort Lane. Also, my project became a threshold to connect the dweller's life with the history of Fort Lane.


There is beauty within Fort Lane, shown on its surfaces through the traces left behind within the changing time. With these traces, we can gain an understanding of its past, history and experiences. These ideas are also expressed in a tea ceremony, as the processes and results from the experiences also evoke the memories within their changing time, bringing them to our consciousness. Thinking and looking deeply at the process of tea brewing and how the tea plant is dried, makes people experience how time is changing visually and sensually. As the scents, colour and taste become much deeper, we are able to become more conscious to sense and find beauty within the changing time, and the traces of our past memories, both physically and mentally within its continuous processes.



May - October 2015


Spatial, Architecture, Interior designer

A cup of Fort Lane

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