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I love to think!🤔💛

From a young age, I have disliked dealing with unnecessary complexity. Even when faced with repetitive tasks, I have always sought ways to accomplish them more efficiently. So, I love to think "What if... Could it be...How about..I am always interested in finding problems and solving it because it encourages me to think and create new user experience. 

EveKNOWlind = Everything + Know + blind

While I was watching a YouTube video about blind people, I discovered that when they buy a plastic-wrapped drink, most of them don't have Braille labels. Even for canned drinks that do have Braille, it often only says “Drink”. With so many different flavors and types of drinks available, they don't have the opportunity to choose. In today's world, people are very sensitive about knowing the ingredients and components. Even with something as simple as Coke, there's diet coke, no sugar coke, coke zero, flavored coke, and so on. When I watched this video, I felt it wasn't fair and wanted to contribute something for them. This led me to think, what if we create an app for reading or scanning the drink and providing information about it?

design continuing...

stay tuned for this!

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