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Busan, one of the largest cities in South Korea, is a popular tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors annually.

The city offers a special pass exclusively for foreigners called the "Visit Busan Pass." This pass provides exclusive benefits such as complimentary transportation on designated routes and discounts for renowned attractions and tourist sites, enhancing the opportunities to explore and enjoy the city.

However, upon downloading the app associated with the pass, I encountered significant issues with the user interface (UI) and overall user experience (UX). As a result, I have decided to undertake the development of an improved version of the app.


UX & UI Designer

  • Handled all UX/UI design solo

  • User Research, Interface design

  • Created wireframe of end-to-end flows, prototyping, visual design mockup, and design specifications


July 2023 (2 weeks)


Redesign 'Visit Busan Pass' app

Design Challenge

Design challenge

  1. The Visit Busan Pass app has several usability issues, primarily concerning its unmotivating and complicated purchase pass systems, as well as its unclear design languages.

  2. Lack of reviews and ratings, making it difficult for users to assess the value and quality of places. Moreover, the app has inadequate information, inaccurate details, and navigation difficulties, leading to a frustrating user experience.

Title User Reaerch.png
User Research

I conducted interviews and created empathy maps (link provided) to understand the users. The primary user group identified through research was travelers who plan to visit Busan and use this app to plan their itinerary.

User Flow- scrren shot.png

Overall, this app lacks consideration for accessibility and user experience/ Intuitive. The font size is too small, key points are not organized, and most menus (ex. How to use the pass?) are not categorized, making it difficult to find the menu I want. 

Information Architecture
IA - Redesign.png
Board - Outline stroke.png
Lo-Fi Wireframe
Title Design system.png
Design System
Design system.png
Onboarding design

Through user research, it was evident that many users wanted a clear explanation of the Visit Busan Pass app. To address this, I designed onboarding pages with simple and intuitive illustrations, making it easier for users to understand the app. Here is the link for the prototype

Title onboarding page.png
Title Screen overview.png
Final Mockup
Title project learnings.png
  1. This project taught me that simplicity is the best approach. As a designer, I have always sought to create visually appealing designs. However, as a UX designer, I now understand the importance of prioritizing user-centric, convenient, and straightforward designs.

  2.  Information Architecture is essential as it helps organize information in a user-friendly way. By simplifying the app's pages and removing repetition, you've created an intuitive and user-centric design, leading to better user satisfaction.

Thank you for watching :)

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