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I am               and                . I bring a sense of             and                 to everything I do. Just like yellow, I embody                   and strive to create designs that are            and                 .








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UX & UI _ First Step

The “First Step” is an app that aims to solve the problem of finding and scheduling wedding venues and supplies by using 3D/VR view functions.

BF 5

Graphic design _

Biofriend Logo design

"Bio Friend" is a vitamin and supplement company based in New Zealand that exports products overseas.

The brand is inspired by the natural healthiness of New Zealand and the native birds (kiwi) of this beautiful country.

4 (1).webp

Graphic design _

Propolis 3500 package

Designing the packaging of "Propolis 3500" by creating designs using bee wax shapes and bee images.


Graphic design _

Menu board design

Designing the menu board design for "Recreo" cafe.


UX & UI _ Visit Busan Pass

Busan is a popular tourist city in South Korea with a special pass for foreigners called the "Visit Busan Pass," offering benefits like free transportation and discounts, but the associated app has usability problems, leading me to create a better version.


Graphic design _

Propolis 3000 package

This is a package designed for a health nutrient company.


Graphic design _

Green Class Booklet

'Green Class' Booklet cover design and inner layout editing design for LG Chem.


Graphic design _

NZ souvenir compact mirror

Presenting a stunning New Zealand souvenir concept illustration that beautifully blends Maori culture with the country's plants and animals, creating charming and delightful artwork.

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